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A stylish event begins long before the guests arrive.


Extroadinary weddings don’t just happen, they are planned.


Extroadinary weddings don’t just happen, they are planned.


We provide our professional DJs in clubs with contract agreement. .


Club Point

Welcome To Club Point

This is the first time in India, an organization is providing different verity of DJs as per your requirements. Club Point DJs is the number one DJ agency for India and international events. Let our highly sought-after, elite DJs and musicians provide the soundtrack for your bespoke corporate or private event.

We use each DJs with a vast amount of musical experience to create the atmosphere and feeling for your events. Whether a key sports brand needs a high-energy dramatic soundtrack for a high-profile product launch; whether a big fashion name needs an elegant, refined, and sexy sound to accompany a store opening; or whether a private event needs a top quality DJ to conduct the night we step forward and create a bespoke solution.

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to create the best feeling and mood for your event, aligning the music and sounds to the people and the party.


You get a choice of up to 70 highly-experienced, in-demand, and vetted DJs from our roster (pro, celebrity, and premium are also available) as well as talented live musicians to accompany the DJs.


You get to have a full phone, Skype, or in person chat with your DJ and musician before the event. We fully encourage as much communication as possible to ensure the DJ has a deep understanding of your musical requirements.


To confirm the booking we simply require a 50% deposit and you can start planning playlists with your DJ. As you can see there are a number of reasons why you should use Club Point DJs, so what are you waiting for? Please call us for a chat about your upcoming event!

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All of our DJ's/Artists have years of professional

experience and musical expertise to successfully entertain at any event.
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