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DJ R**B**N


Style expertiseHouse, Moombhaton, Hip Hop & Dubstep

Genre/Other- Techno and Ambient

Highlight: Entertaining crowds across the cities.


DJ R**b**n is a multi genre based producer from Kolkata, India who is exploring new styles to build up a new a new genre. Aspiring producer, trying to boost up his sounds. His first breakthrough came when his track “Do that thang” supported by dannic on his fonk radio show and he is too supported b the big heads in the scene R3spawn, Club Banditz, Gmaxx, Ang. He is also one of the 4 Indian producers who “Lost Kings” on Sounds- Cloud.


DJ R**b**n is available for most types of bookings: corporate, private, club/bar. Please get in touch to find out if he will be available for your event. Book now and get 10% discount on the total cost.