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Style expertise: Progressive House and Hybrid Trap

 Genre/Other- Commercial

 Highlight: Entertaining crowds across the cities.

Swattrex an expert DJ and producer based in Delhi. He seduces dance floors with an outstanding record collection and finely tuned technique, selecting an appropriate vibe to fit a particular crowd and setting. He embraces the full range of commercial music, from progressive house to trap, from disco to trance, with a seamless and smooth mixing style. In 2018, Swattrex stared a record label with an aim to help and grow underground artist across the globe and warnox music is growing very fast on sound cloud and YouTube with amazing released from all genres.


DJ Swattrex is available for most types of bookings: corporate, private, club/bar. Please get in touch to find out if he will be available for your event. Book now and get 15% discount on the total cost.