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Style expertise: Hip Hop & Trap

 Genre/Other- Chillout and Bollywood

 Highlight: Entertaining crowds across the country.

DJ D***L LONDON, a very well talented DJ and producer and music producer all the way from London. Starting his career as a DJ, covering various styles and genres with a focus on dance music and Hip Hop and dance music into a club sound that fits as well in theaters and festivals as it does on dance floors. DJ D***l London is one of the most sought out producers and remix artist in the bass music scene. He truly loves to spin electronic dance music, progressive Trance, Reggae PSY, Hip Hop, Dubstep and Bollywood touch.  He has performed more than 17 reputed clubs/bars in all over the world and also he has produced around 25 songs.

DJ D***L LONDON is available for most types of bookings: corporate, private, club/bar. Please get in touch to find out if he will be available for your event. Book now and get 15% discount on the total cost.