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 Style expertise: Open Format

 Genre/Other- EDM and Bollywood.

 Highlight: Entertaining crowds across the cities.  


DJ AP**V is a DJ, remixer and music producer from India, with an impressive portfolio; He provides a steady flow of solo releases to further establish his name as a masterful DJ and producer – blending together different styles with his own personal touch of magic. He has performed around 15 reputed clubs/events in different cities. his love for music that goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes has only made him , so skillful that enthralls the audience of his foot tapping sets irrespective of any genre or styles. DJ A**rv is here to mark his territory as he firmly believes that its all about feeling the music.

DJ A**rv is available for most types of bookings: corporate, private, club/bar. Please get in touch to find out if he will be available for your event. Book now and get 10% discount on the total cost.